Explosive Detection

Maribo detects firearms and explosives using qualified EDD Teams. A team consists of a handler and two EDDs (Explosive Detection Dogs). The responsible operator for an EDD Team has several years of proven experience in training and leading teams in conflict-affected countries. The service has leading technical content and superior reliability in the detection function. Qualified development of the EDD Teams and leading technical skills in explosives are guaranteed through exclusive agreements with explosives manufacturers.


Society expects that qualified EDD Teams can ensure reliable detection performance and the relevant search tags. Search tags are equivalent to all the explosives that EDDs are trained to detect.  To meet our own demands and the expectations of society, we have been allocating EDD Teams with their own priority development budget since 2004. Here are some development results.


In 2008 Maribo and explosives manufacturers were able to introduce a new, modern search tag for EDDs. We were now able to detect explosives produced in any country with a high reliability. This new search tag has solved the problem of a particular explosive, such as TNT, smelling in a certain way if it had been manufactured in country A and in another way if manufactured in country B. At the consumer level the same kind of explosives emit a range of odours depending on how manufacturers in different countries mix in various additives during the production process. EDDs with outdated search tags that are trained in TNT manufactured in country A cannot reliably detect the same kind of explosive if it is manufactured in country B. With the newly developed search tag we can now detect explosives produced in any country with a high reliability.


Another development project is a series of qualified studies that began 2011. The studies cover the rate of diffusion of molecules from different explosives, in different packaging, at different temperatures. Results can, for example, form the basis for decisions on specifically targeted safety measures. Maribo and explosives manufacturers are responsible for training and technical skills in explosives. Researchers with relevant specialisations are responsible for scientific proficiency. Representatives from the business sector and authorities are monitoring the project.


Maribo provides services with EDD Teams for the purposes of prevention and following special assessment by the client.


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