Oil and Gas industry require a safe and reliable gas detection method

Gas Detection

Maribo detects gas leaks using qualified GDD Teams. A team consists of a handler and two GDDs (Gas Detection Dogs). Our teams inspect and also perform maintenance work on specific systems equipment. The responsible operators of GDD Teams possess excellent social skills, have expert technical training and proven experience in leading teams.


Authorities set high standards on our customers. In order to meet these requirements, the market demands a cost-effective and reliable gas detection method. We have more than 20 years of experience in detecting gas, inspecting and conducting maintenance work on distribution systems. Maribo and Swedish gas distributors have been systematically developing the method with GDD Teams since 1993. One result of the development is that we can now detect gas leaks on contaminated surfaces.

A significant development that reduces the cost of unnecessary ground work.


GDD Teams detect distribution systems located above or below ground with pressures up to 20 bar. We can detect in a range of environments and under varying weather conditions. Media used in the system are mainly in the C1-C4 range. The reliability of the detection performance of GDDs is high and is well documented. The method has proven to be far superior to other methods both from a financial and functional aspect.


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